VUCAVU is a non profit organization helping the works of Canadian filmmakers and video artists be seen by the world. We achieve this goal by supporting the work of independent Canadian film, video and media art distributors, content partners and presenters.

Building a destination for independent film, video and media art in Canada

VUCAVU was created in the spirit of collaboration and is run by the Coalition of Canadian Independent Media Art Distributors (CCIMAD), an incorporated not-for-profit organization.

VUCAVU welcomes feedback from the community. We are always looking for ideas and possible partnerships that will help VUCAVU grow into an even more expansive platform to support Canadian independent artists and the works that they create.

If you have film, video or media art that you or your organization would like to appear on VUCAVU for research and/or streaming purposes, please refer to our submission page for more information or contact a distributor directly from this list.

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