Instructions For How To Watch A Free Program

1) Go to the curated program page you want to watch.


2) Once you've logged on to VUCAVU, click the "Sign In To Watch for Free" button on this page.

  • Enter your account password to activate the free streaming period.
  • There will be a pop-up window that asks you for your VUCAVU Account password. 
  • Enter your password + click OK.
  • The free period will be activated for all the films in the page at the same time.

3) If you have not signed into your VUCAVU User account when you click the ""Sign In To Watch for Free" button, you will be sent to this page to sign into your VUCAVU User account.

  • ....or you can create a new VUCAVU User account on the Select a plan page.

4) Once you've signed on to your VUCAVU account, clicked the Sign-In-To-Watch-For-Free button and entered your password to confirm your rental of the free program

  • the page will activate your free watching period (usually for 48 h in duration or more) in turquoise.

5) Once the free screening period is activated, ALL the films in the page will have a timestamp added to them to show you how long you have left to watch.


6) If you run out of time and can’t watch everything before the initial 48h free period that you have activated, all users can rent it again anytime during the designated free streaming period.

  • Simply click the “Sign In To Watch For Free” button again anytime before the end of the FREE period indicated (normally at 11:59:59pm on the last day listed).

7) Enjoy the programs!

  • Thanks for your support of independent Canadian artists and arts organizations.



The VUCAVU platform was developed by the not-for-profit Coalition of Canadian Independent Media Art Distributors (CCIMAD) and launched in 2017. CCIMAD, established in 2013, is a group of independent Canadian film and video distributors whose goal is to improve international and national accessibility to their catalogues through a shared digital distribution strategy.

VUCAVU is always working to expand its reach and to develop new partnerships. Our main goals are to invest our resources in creating new online revenue streams and aid in the dissemination of artworks made by independent Canadian artists across the country and to the rest of the world.  

"Artist-driven. Independent. Canadian film, video, and media art on demand."

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