VUCAVU.COM | "Artist-driven. Independent. Canadian film, video, and media art on demand."

About VUCAVU works with independent film and video distributors from across the country to improve access to Canadian artworks and provide greater national and international awareness of our filmmakers, video artists and culture. currently streams about 1,500+ films and videos with an additional 4000+ for research purposes that span 50+ years of Canadian moving image art to the public. is a bilingual streaming platform that is unique because it is a multifaceted platform.

  • It allows the public to rent and stream independent videos online.

  • It offers online programming space for time-limited, curated and theme-based public screenings which are often for free while also paying artists for the viewing of their works.

  • Curators and educators can apply for special access to the shared catalogue to view an additional +4,000 titles for programming, research and educational purposes.

  • Community arts partners can utilize VUCAVU for their online curatorial programming needs and extend their reach to new audiences.

  • A unique research tool about Canadian artists of all kinds.

  • Each artist has their own profile page that links to not only their works on VUCAVU but also to their professional artist websites.

  • NEW! We even have private screening rooms to be used for presentation and education purposes. was developed by the not-for-profit Coalition of Canadian Independent Media Art Distributors (CCIMAD) and launched in 2017. Established in 2013, CCIMAD is a group of independent Canadian film and video distributors with the goal to improve international and national accessibility to their catalogues through a shared digital distribution strategy.

VUCAVU is always working to expand its reach and to develop new partnerships. Our main goals are to invest our resources in creating new online revenue streams and aid in the dissemination of artworks made by independent Canadian artists across the country and to the rest of the world.

Canadian filmmakers and video artists who wish to be included on VUCAVU should inquire about distribution services with one of our CONTENT partners.

Mailing Address

 c/o Video Pool Media Arts Centre
221 - 100 Arthur Street
Winnipeg, MB 
R3B 1H3


Jacquelyn Hébert
VUCAVU Managing Director

Board of Directors

VUCAVU's Board of directors (CCIMAD) represents a number of Canadian regions and reflect cultural and linguistic diversity. The board is composed of arts administrators, artists, educators, digital workers and curators in the media arts sector.

  • Madeline Bogoch, CCIMAD Chair. Independent Programmer, Writer, Currently Collections & Distribution Manager at Video Pool Media Arts Centre (VP)
  • Chanelle Lajoie, CCIMAD Treasurer, Independent Artist 
  • Jillian Groening, CCIMAD Secretary, Dance artist, Writer, Arts Administrator. Currently Distribution Coordinator at the Winnipeg Film Group (WFG)
  • Edward Sharpe, CCIMAD Director – Filmmaker. Currently Senior Technical Manager at Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC) in Toronto
  • Mandana Mansouri, CCIMAD Director, Curator, Educator and Arts Administrator. Formerly the Distribution and Programming Coordinator at VIVO Media Arts),
  • Tomas Jonsson, CCIMAD Director, Artist, Educator and Arts Administrator. Currently Curator, Moving Image and Performance at Dunlop Gallery/Regina Public Library Film Theatre
  • Hilarey Cowan, CCIMAD Director, Artist, Researcher and Arts Administrator. Currently Member Innovation Coordinator for the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative, Member since October 2023, Regina