VUCAVU is operated by the non profit Coalition of Canadian Independent Media Art Distributors (CCIMAD).

CCIMAD was established in 2013 by a group of independent Canadian film and video distributors to improve international accessibility to their catalogues through a shared digital distribution strategy. To this end, they established VUCAVU, which works with independent film and video distributors from across Canada to improve access to Canadian works and to provide greater national and international awareness of Canadian filmmakers and video artists. 

VUCAVU currently streams about 1,400+ films and videos spanning 50 years of Canadian moving image art to the public. For curators and educators, there are an additional 3,000+ titles that are available for research and educational purposes. VUCAVU.com specializes in offering time-limited curated and theme-based public screening programmes and is always expanding with new ongoing partnerships, a broadening group of content providers and art presenting partners.

VUCAVU offers the following services through its digital distribution platform:

  • Special curated programs of films and videos, often available for free viewing or for a group rate. Learn more about our curated programs of selected works such as #EyesOnVu and #GEOGRAPHIES2018 series : https://vucavu.com/en/marketing-pages/vucavu-curated-programs
  • Public access via our account system to preview and rent individual works for online viewing
  • Access for curators, programmers and other professionals in the field to research artists and view works
  • Online marketing support to promote Canadian filmmakers and video artists 
  • Online venue access for professional presenters

Canadian filmmakers and video artists who wish to be included on VUCAVU should inquire about distribution services with one of our distribution partners.

VUCAVU.COM | "Artist-driven. Independent. Canadian film, video, and media art on demand."


Mailing Address

304 - 100 Arthur Street
Winnipeg, MB 
R3B 1H3


Jacquelyn Hébert
Community and Program Manager

Emily Collins
Program Assistant

Leon Alatif
Digital Collections Assistant, Canada Summer Jobs Program

Julie Gendron
Digital Strategist, VUCAVU Expanded

Board of Directors

  • Jennifer Smith (Winnipeg) - President
  • Vacant - Vice President 
  • Monica Lowe (Winnipeg) - Secretary / Treasurer
  • Verónica Sedano Alvarez (Montreal)
  •  Nadine Valcin (Toronto)
  • Benjamin Hogue (Montreal)