VUCAVU is a uniquely-structured organization in the independent media arts sector. Its purpose is to use the power of collectivity and scale to increase public access and appreciation of independent Canadian film and video art. 

We offer research user account options for two different types of professional researchers in the field: independent curators (or professional presentation buyers) who have a track record of booking works for paid, professional presentation; and academic researchers, who are seeking access to VUCAVU for scholarly reasons.  


A CURATOR ACCOUNT is a temporary account (for 3 months) that is reserved for industry professionals who will research works with the intention to purchase licensing for screenings, festivals, and exhibitions.


  • Prospective CURATOR USERS must submit professional credentials to VUCAVU for assessment of eligibility to this service, including demonstration that they are actively researching works for paid professional presentation. This includes providing links to supporting documents such as websites, project descriptions and other information, as relevant.
  • CURATOR USERS will have free access to watch all the available content on VUCAVU for the 3 month duration of their term.
  • CURATOR accounts will be disabled 3 months from the day the account is activated. 
  • To renew their account, CURATOR USERS must contact VUCAVU Administrators at to request a re-assessment of their credentials, depending on their circumstances.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  This service is reserved only for curator's actively working on a specific project. The CURATOR ACCOUNT is NOT for public or classroom screening purposes. We reserve the right to remove your account at any time at our own discretion.


A RESEARCHER ACCOUNT is for related professionals or educators want to conduct research on the site but who do not intend to purchase licensing of works for public presentation. 


  • 20$ + 5% GST = for 1 month of unlimited streaming access
  • 35$ + 5% GST = for 3 months of unlimited streaming access


  • RESEARCHER USERS will provide their credentials and information about their research in order to be granted unlimited streaming access.
  • RESEARCHER USERS must pay a small fee to gain free access to watch any available content on the site for the specified amount of time of their choosing.
  • RESEARCHER accounts will be disabled when their time limit has expired. 
  • In order to request a renewal of their account, RESEARCHER account holders should contact VUCAVU Administrators at
  • PLEASE NOTE:  This service is not offered to many people. The RESEARCHER ACCOUNT is NOT for public or classroom screening purposes. We reserve the right to remove your account at any time at our own discretion.

To request a Curator or Researcher Account, please fill in the form below. 
If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us at

**PLEASE NOTE: If you are making a request from outside of Canada, please email us directly at **VEUILLEZ NOTER : Si vous faites une demande depuis l’étranger, veuillez nous envoyer un courriel directement à
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