Experiment in Landscape, No.2  was made by filming a view of Bow Lake through the ground glass of an 8”x10” large format camera. In the work, I appear on the left side of the frame, inelegantly walking through soft snow to the centre of the scene. Once there, I perform a headstand, briefly hovering in space in focussed concentration, before regaining my footing and exiting stage right. The performance lasts three minutes and blends the blurred, romantic view of the mountains in the background, with the sharply focussed intervention of my action in the foreground. The element of humour and awkwardness within my actions were intended to disrupt the master narrative of the long tradition of large-format photography capturing the apparent ‘untouched’ beauty of the North American West, while the moment of equilibrium within the headstand speaks to my desire to be consonant with this environment.

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