“[C]heery Recession Camp.” - Border Crossings

Galvanized by the opportunity promised by the looming North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a shy and idealistic Winnipeg artist seeks fame and fortune in the USA. Heading for the international border on the notorious Night Bus to Fargo, she meets a host of hinterland hopefuls also making a break for the great cultural supermarket south of the 49th. 

Even more relevant today than when it first came out twenty-six years ago, Night Bus to Fargo is a darkly comic and prescient treatment of the Canadian response to the American Dream. Two and a half decades later NAFTA's economic impact still resonates, leaving artists and other workers in a precarious climate dominated by corporate interests, and with current plans to overhaul this trade deal, Night Bus to Fargo foreshadows the agreement's broken promises and dreams as they resurface today.

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