Daphney Joseph
Maria Legault
Ron Loranger
Nadine Valcin

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Art et Imaginaire: An Augmented Reality Exhibition

ART et IMAGINAIRE is a presentation of work by Francophone artists from Ontario. when creating / transforming their works for the location into an augmented reality exhibition. Through this initiative, Pix Film Collective supports the distribution and public accessibility of original works by French-speaking artists for exhibition in the city of Toronto and internationally.

PIX FILM Collective has launched the Artificial Museum in Toronto in the fall of 2021. It is an innovatively designed exhibition platform, created by the Vienna-based System Collective, using augmented reality and 360 technology to make GPS-anchored art accessible to the public via mobile devices, converting public spaces into a museum without walls or physical boundaries.

ART et IMAGINAIRE is a presentation of works by Francophone artists from Ontario, namely; Daphney Joseph, Maria Legault, Ron Loranger and Nadine Valcin

This digital platform is a collaboration between PIX FILM and the System Collective in Vienna, Austria. The System Collective is a union of independent artists, designers, programmers, engineers, philosophers, activists and scientists, collectively using art and technology to transform our world. PIX FILM Collective will be part of this international network developing its own network in Canada, starting in Toronto.

The method is a mix of 360 degree immersive experience, physical, virtual and imaginary. The philosophy is that art transcends time and space. The work is displayed in Augmented Reality at a location chosen by the artist. This project uses technology to enhance and expand access to art audiences everywhere. The evolution and goals of the platform have a clear potential and vision for a sustainable and ongoing participation of artists, beyond the first French-speaking network/exhibition phase.

- Text written by Madi Piller, PIX FILM Collective

Watch the trailer for the "Art et Imaginaire" exhibition below.




Still image from Daphney Joseph's creation process for "Josette Joseph", 2022.

Josette Joseph. The image of my mother in the middle of the words of her poem. I love the idea that her poem and her photo live in the same universe. My mom came to Toronto a few times and I remember she liked Kensignton Market.


Daphney Joseph is a bilingual actor and producer. Daphney performed in The Second City Training Centre’s Conservatory Graduation show Person of Pinterest (director Rob Baker) and Longorm Graduation show Save the laugh Dance (director Paloma Nunez). She is part of the Feature Players at Bad Dog Theatre. Her improv duo Coko & Daphney has performed at the Harbourfront Center, SheDot Festival, BCIF, Montreal Improv Festival, Ottawa Improv Festival, Boston Comedy Art Festival, Del Close Marathon NYC, Philly Improv Festival, and many more. Daphney also performs with the French improv troupe Les Improbables and Le Club des Marteaux. She was part of a prank show for TFO’s new network, TFO FLIP. Daphney is currently producing her own web series, “Chez Daphney”.




Still image from Maria Legault's creation process for "Free Sugar", 2022.

For a project entitled Free Sugar the artist has satirically claimed to “repair” the holes in people’s lives with pink icing. This has led her to “repair” holes in domestic interiors, urban landscapes, nature and on the body to illustrate how poorly chosen and administered quick fixes can cause more harm than good.

For the Artificial Museum, she will be employing augmented reality to create an apocalyptic landscape that attempts to “repair” the city by covering it with pink icing. In link with the current pandemic, this tongue and cheek work explores the impact a harmful substance can have when it infiltrates the world and accumulates.


Maria Legault is a francophone performance artist living in Toronto. Her art is intimate, auto-fictional, feminist, humorous and, very often, pink. She has shown internationally from Serbia to France and the US, in various museums, theatres, festivals and galleries. Legault is obsessed with sugar. 



Still image from Ron Loranger's creation process for "Blobettes", 2022.

Blobettes or blobs for short. I would like to maintain in the digital transformation as much tone and value and details in the interior as possible. I imagine them sized as to a bus shelter and spaced randomly always traveling at a slow speed like rain. Creating randomness or the appearance of it.


Originally from Kapuskasing, Ron Loranger is a Franco-Ontarian visual artist . His practice, usually entitled “Blobettes”, involves watercolour and India ink on Arches paper, but also takes the shape of painted installations in urban settings. His professional experience includes exhibits in private galleries in Toronto, New York City and Berlin, and in public galleries, such as Kapuskasing’s Galerie Paquin, the Sudbury Art Gallery and the Glendon York University Gallery. He also took part in the Biennial of Textile Art in San Jose (Costa Rica) and the Fair of Alternative Art of Sudbury (FAAS). His works are part of private collections throughout North America and Europe. 




Still image from Nadine Valcin's creation process for "Still Life", 2022.

Still Life is a hopeful reminder of the necessity to reconnect with each other after the long periods of isolation we all experienced during the pandemic. It is a play on the stillness that enveloped our existence and a reaching towards that celebrates the fact that we are still alive.


Nadine Valcin is an award-winning bilingual media artist based in Toronto whose work deals with issues of history, memory, racial identity, language and social justice. Her practice is varied and includes short narrative films, long-form documentary, short experimental works and installations as well as virtual reality. She has directed four documentary projects for the National Film Board of Canada, including the critically acclaimed Black, Bold and Beautiful, Une école sans frontières (A School without Borders) and Still Waiting for Justice. Nadine has been awarded numerous grants and prizes including two prestigious Chalmers Arts Fellowships and a Drama Prize from the National Screen Institute. She holds an MFA in Digital Futures from OCAD University and a professional degree in architecture from McGill University. She is an alumna of Doc Lab, Women in the Director’s Chair, and the National Screen Institute and has been an artist-in-residence at Osgoode Hall Law School at York University and, more recently, at Library and Archives Canada through the research project Archive/Counter-Archive.


Art et Imaginaire: 3D COMPOSITION


Jeff Tran is a Vietnamese Canadian multimedia artist from Toronto. He works in computer animation as a storyboard, 3d layout and rigging artist.  His short films received support from OAC, Canada Council and NFB and has screened worldwide at the New York, London, San Diego film festivals.


This program is generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council and The Petman Foundation.


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