Primas is an evocative portrait of two cousins, Rocío and Aldana, Argentinian teenagers who, in the wake of heinous acts of violence that disrupted their childhood, will free themselves from the shadows of their past. Traveling in Argentina and Montreal the girls come of age having revelatory experiences in their everyday lives; learning dance, mime, theatre, circus and visual arts. They express through their bodies what only their imagination, their unique perspective and their unshakable resilience can reveal.

Screenwriter and Director: Laura Bari
Cinematographer: Laura Bari, Glauco Bermudez
Editor: Laura Bari
Sound Designer: Andreas Mendritzki
Sound Mixing: Stephane Bergeron
Music: Florencia di Concilio, Marco Liy
Sound Recordists: Mauro Franzen & Simon Plouffe
Production: Greenground Productions and Beso Film

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