The mining town of Norilsk sits in the heart of the Siberian Arctic, huddled behind its wind walls and bathed in the smoke and sulfur of its factories. While teenagers in the icy city dream of exile and nickel miners ponder the lost Soviet comradeship, descendants of Gulag prisoners and theatre artists seek to shed light on Norilsk’s dark past, buried under ice and censorship. A Moon of Nickel and Ice fondly follows the lives of these inhabitants of the end of the world.

Script and Direction : François Jacob
Direction of Photography : Vuk Stojanovic, François Jacob, Ilya Zima
Editing : François Jacob, Jéricho Jeudy
Sound Designer : Hélène Magne
Sound Recording : Hélène Magne
Sound Mixing : Jean Paul Vialard (ONF)
Musique : Viviane Audet, Robin-Joël Cool et Alexis Martin
Production : Christine Falco, Vuk Stojanovic, François Jacob
Production Company : Les Films Camera Oscura

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"A Moon of Nickel and Ice will please fans of essayistic documentaries and travelogues alike, granting multiple viewpoints around collective memory and loss. "

- Open City Documentary Festival

"On doit saluer la recherche derrière ce documentaire dont la variété des scènes laisse penser que le processus de sélection, lors du montage, a dû s’avérer pénible pour le cinéaste, tant il y avait de substance."

- Festival de cinéma de la ville de québec