Despite the 1994 ceasefire, Armenia and Azerbaijan continue to fight fiercely over the mountainous Nagorny Karabakh region. More than 25 years after the war, nationalistic passions seem as strong as ever. The litany of resentment and accusations continues to be met with denial in an ongoing dialogue of the deaf. With the restraint that comes with our foreigner’s gaze, Under the Same Sun offers an attentive ear, in search of understanding in these young countries with old wounds. This film highlights the visceral tensions that led to the terrible war of 2020 and its tragic consequences for the region.

Direction : François Jacob
Script : François Jacob and Antoine Dion-Ortega
Image : François Jacob
Editing : Jéricho Jeudy
Sound Design : Hélène Magne
Sound Mixing : Isabelle Lussier
Music : Moses Baxter
Sound recording : Hélène Magne, Simon Plouffe
Production : Les Films de l’Autre – François Jacob

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