1_ Go to the link of the Curated Program page for the free program you would like to watch. 

NOTE: Active Curated Programs can always be accessed through links on our homepage : 
NOTE: FREE curated programs are only available for specific dates + times.

2_ Click the "SIGN IN TO WATCH FOR FREE" button on this page.

3_ You will be sent to this SIGN IN PAGE where you can either sign into your existing FREE or RENTAL VUCAVU Account or create a new one.

FREE ACCOUNT: A free account allows you to watch only free programming without entering a credit card.

RENTAL ACCOUNT: A rental account allows you to support artists by entering a credit card so you can rent individual works and paid programs in addition to being able to watch all our Free programming.

NOTE: You can find out more about VUCAVU User Accounts here:

4_ Once you've signed in to your VUCAVU account, you should be automatically be sent back to the curated program page where you started or you can find the link again by going to our homepage. 

5_ You may need to click the "Sign In To Watch for FREE" button again on the program page. A pop-up window will appear to asks you for your VUCAVU Account password.

Enter your VUCAVU Account password.
The free period will be activated
for all the films included on this page at the same time.

6_Once the free period is activated, all the films in the page will have a 48 hour timestamp (turquoise coloured banner) added to each video image on the page which shows you how long you have left to watch.


If you run out of time and can’t watch everything before your initial 48 hour period is over, you can come back to the program page once your time has expired and rent it again for another 48 period as long as the program is still available.

NOTE: You can only rent it if you click “Sign In To Watch For Free” before the end of the FREE period dates indicated on the page. 
NOTE: All programs expire on the last day of their available period at 11:59:59 pm. 


Enjoy the curated programs!

If you have questions about how to sign in, please email us at: