Abstract Horror is part documentary, part speculation about the new forms of religion and spirituality mediated by new technologies. It takes inspiration from the current philosophical and scientific discourse, and it borrows heavily from the aesthetic of New Age esoteric cults.In particular, the film is a portrait of philosopher Nick Land, one of the founding fathers of leftist accelerationism who has in recent years left the West for China to become an adamant alt-right supporter, trying to bring about the end of civilization. The film is built around a conversation with Land who in its course talks about the abstract horror of the Great Filter, a theory explaining why the planetary destruction might be near, and at the same time, he argues for quite a specific horror – widespread adoption of nuclear weapons and "regime diversity". Land himself is a part of the Dark Enlightenment, a futuristic white-supremacist movement started by the Silicon Valley software developer Curtis Yarvin who has been friends with the alt-right guru Steve Bannon, the former advisor to Donald Trump.The animation has been created with game engine Unity3D and machine learning tech intended for smart vehicles.

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