Midi Onodera is an award-winning, Toronto-based filmmaker who has been directing, producing and writing films for over twenty years. She has over 25 independent short films to her credit as well as her theatrical feature film, SKIN DEEP. Her recent works, THE BASEMENT GIRL, SLIGHTSEER and NOBODY KNOWS involve a collage of formats and mediums -ranging from 16mm film to Hi8 video to digital video and “low end” digital toy formats such as a modified Nintendo Game Boy Camera, the Intel Mattel computer microscope and the Tyco and Trendmasters video cameras. Midi continues to pursue her interest in low “toy camera” technology interfacing with high tech interactive elements through her project, ALPHAGIRLS, an interactive performance art DVD showcasing the work of Canadian performance artists: Kinga Araya, Louise Liliefeldt and Tanya Mars.

Midi's films have been critically-recognized and included in numerous exhibitions and screenings internationally. Some highlights include the Andy Warhol Museum, the International Festival of Documentary and Short Films, Bilbao, Spain; the Rotterdam International Film Festival; the Berlin International Film Festival and a number of screenings at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Midi’s latest project is a feature-length video shot in Japan, entitled I HAVE NO MEMORY OF MY DIRECTION. This work deals with the loss of memory, the temporal space of digital photography and the ghosts of inherited imagination.  Throughout 2006 she is producing and posting a new digital short on-line each day, viewable at