Skin Deep leads us into worlds where people are never what they appear to be. It is a riveting psychological drama about obsession, relationship and sexuality. As Alex Koyama prepares to shoot an exploitation film about tattooing and the culture of pleasure and pain, the world around her exists only to serve her film. She initiates a dangerous and threatening game when Chris Black responds to her ad in a tattoo magazine. For Alex, this is living research, and she ignores the fact that Chris is deeply disturbed and gender-disoriented. This denial escalates into a psychological battle between Alex and Chris which alters their lives forever – because in a world of illusion, reality is the biggest lie.


Produced in Association with Studio D, of the National Film Board of Canada and with the participation of Canada Council, Ontario Arts Council, Canadian Heritage: Multiculturalism Program, National Association of Japanese Canadians, Special Projects Fund, Racial Equity Fund – OFDC & LIFT, the Toronto Lesbian & Gay AppealBEST FEATURE FILM: AUDIENCE AWARD 1995Hamburg International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

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