For over sixty years, Cecile St. Amant has been keeping a deep secret - she is Métis. Cecile's granddaughter, Janelle, sets out to understand her Mémère's denial and playfully plots her own mission to open her Mémère's eyes to the richness of their heritage. As the two face-off in a battle of the wills, Janelle soon realizes that her Mémère will not be easily convinced that being Métis is something to be proud of. In this heartwarming and extraordinary journey, Janelle's mischievous and persistent prodding of her grandmother reveals a generation's legacy of shame and the profound courage of the human spirit to overcome it.

Janelle, on her use of accents: 

“I think it should technically be Mémère. I used Mémère because that's the inflection for Francophones with métchif-based pronunciation, as opposed to francophones with an international or Québecois accent. Since language is such a big part of Métis identity and since Méchif is, by nature, very fluid and flexible I thought it was fitting and worth all the confusion and questions.”


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