Anderson Losada was 8 years old when he lost his leg to a landmine in Colombia. As a refugee, he was resettled in a small Canadian ski town which opened his eyes to the world of para-alpine skiing. He was on the brink of national competition, when citizenship complications restricted his athletic potential and withheld the sense of belonging he desires.
Following Anderson’s Colombian past and his journey to citizenship in rural Canada, this short documentary explores the citizenship barriers he and other refugee minors face. When Anderson’s struggles caught the attention of a Canadian Senator, his story impacted an amendment that recently changed Canada’s Citizenship Act, to aid refugee minors.


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  • Refuge in the Rockies

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  • Producer: Matt Drake
  • Producer: Tony Cerciello
  • Executive Producer: Shauna Jimenez
  • Camera person: Leonardo Harim
  • Editor: Tom Malenica
  • Music: Ben Fox
  • Director: Kaio Kathriner

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  • Video Out Distribution