• A chunk of Vancouver Real Estate as it sits, stuck in the no-zone.

    In 2000, Alex Rogalski held the first ever One Take Super 8 event in Regina, SK, Canada.  Since then it has inspired over 1000 films in 50 venues around the world!

    In 2016, Iris Film Collective presented the first Vancouver Edition of One Take Super 8.
    26 artists (IFC members and invited artists) were given one role of either Black and White Kodak Tri-X 200D or Colour Reversal Agfa 200D cartridges.  All editing was done “in camera” as it was shot, and the film presented just as it was filmed.  No peeking before the night of the screening, it’s straight from the Lab to the Screen.  Artists chose to play their film silent or provide sound for the screening to add another element of surprise.


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  • Orig. Main Artist: Lisa G

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