Transhumances - On The Other Side: Migration, Quests, Dreams and Travel

The Transhumances - On The Other Side series was developed around the concept of transhumance. Beyond the literal definition of the term, which refers to the seasonal changing of pastures of a herd to find new places to feed, the concept of transhumance is approached from a poetic, open and multidimensional point of view. Transhumances - On The Other Side explores four sub-themes: migrations, quests, dreams and travels. It includes short and long form films of all genres (documentaries, fiction, animation, storytelling, essays and art films), and from different periods. Transhumance, as reflected in these sub-themes, evokes transmission and drives transformation. The series focuses on the issues of immigration, identity, dreams and quests, leading viewers to discover territories, stories, transformative life-changing journeys, and see what lies on the other side of multiple pathways.
- Ariane Plante -

CURATOR TALK EVENT: Curating In The Digital Age

Co-presented with GROUPE INTERVENTION VIDÉO (GIV), Wednesday, October 23 2019 (6:30 PM - 7:30 PM, in French), More info:

You can view the video documentation of this Curator Talk at GIV by clicking on the video below. (Please note that the conversation occured mostly in French.)

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Trained in anthropology, Ariane Plante has worked freelance for a dozen years in the cultural and artistic community, notably as curator, programmer, author, project manager, and artistic advisor. A self-taught artist, she also develops a professional practice in media and visual arts. She has received grants from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec as an artist and curator, and from Première Ovation, as an artist, author (screenwriting) and curator. In 2012, Ariane Plante started Klondike – décor sonore pour patinoire, an independent curatorial project in audio art. She also created Occupation trouble, a program of video works from the La Bande Vidéo media library. In 2015, she was named main curator of the 2016, 2017 and 2018 editions of Mois Multi, the Quebec international multidisciplinary and electronic arts festival. She also programmed an Art and Exploration section at the Quebec City Film Festival in 2017. Her writing has notably been published during an exhibition at Oboro, and in the ETC media magazine. She lives in Montréal, and works in Quebec City and Montréal.