Conversations in Isolation is a contemplative banter, with silent reflection, a working through of boredom, chores, plans and questions, by way of the banal, the mundane and the ordinary. Time passes. Exchanges between a father and son, reflecting on nothing and everything. A short film captured within the 'Great Pause' of spring 2020, echoes the ubiquitous character of conversations that unfold when life’s busy-ness falls away.

Directors: Douglas & Jaden Scholes
Screenplay: Douglas Scholes & Jaden Scholes
Cinematographer: Jaden Scholes
Editor: Marie-Pier Grignon
Sound: Douglas Scholes
Sound mix: Concrete Studio
Sound Editor:  Concrete Studio
Music: Zach Scholes 
Artistic Director: Jaden Scholes & Douglas Scholes
Cast: Douglas Scholes, Jaden Scholes
Production: Laurie Lamoureux Scholes

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  • Co-Director: Douglas Scholes
  • Co-Director: Jason Scholes

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