Through The Embrace of the Valkyries, Alan Lake continues the symbolist epic begun with The film Ravages. In a variation of solos thought for his long-time collaborators, he advances not on his intimate territories, but on those of the interpreters. The piece shows a series of portraits revealing the moving layers of their interior landscapes, and this, in a multidisciplinary approach that combines dance, visual arts and cinema. These stories and fantasies are magnified beyond human experience, contributing to the enrichment of Lake's own language and mythology.

Choreography: Alan Lake with the collaboration of the performers
Performers: David Rancourt, Esther Rousseau-Morin, Arielle Warnke St-Pierre, Fabien Piché

Cinematography: François Gamache

Compositor: Antoine Berthiaume

Make Up: Isabelle Lapierre

Set Design: Etienne Baillargeon

Props: Ariane Sauvé

First Camera Assistant: Anthony Huneault

Steadycam Operator: Jean-Sébastien Caron

Machinists and Electricians: Antoine Ratheau. Charles Caron, Émilie Allison, Marc-Antoine Legault, Vincent Deschênes

Production Assistants: Alexis Hamel, Gabriel Lapointe, Maxime Lorrain

Production Representative: Charles Gaudreau

Production Coordinator: Marie-Claude Beaulieu

Editor: Jason Arbour

Colourist: Éric Denis

Project Manager: Marcelle Maheu

Postproduction Supervisor: Jean-François Dugal


Original or Alternative Title

  • L’Étreinte des Valkyries

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Screening Formats

  • DCP,
  • H.264,


  • Director: Alan Lake

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