ZAGROS follows the creation of carpets across the Western mountains of Iran, the land of Bakhtiaris. Wool is the guiding thread that traverses nomadic and sedentary cultures, revealing the worlds of weavers, dyers and shepherds through their labour. Carpets weave the social fabric of their lives, giving it form as well as colour. The work is hard, and is gradually being devalued by the outside world - but their lives are redeemed through the love they feel for their traditions.

Directors: Ariane Lorrain et Shahab Mihandoust
Cinematographer: Ariane Lorrain
Sound Recording: Shahab Mihandoust
Editing: Shahab Mihandoust et Ariane Lorrain
Music: Farshad Poorhosseini et Hojat Poolani
Sound Design: Benoît Dame
Sound Editing: Marguerite Luu
Calibration: Victor Ghizaru
Producers: Ariane Lorrain et Shahab Mihandoust

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