"Those That Will Come, Will Hear" constructs a portrait of the erosion of languages; a global phenomenon that is still largely unexplored. This exploratory film will be a way to discover the essence of First Nations and Inuit languages still spoken in Quebec via the richness of their unique sounds and the rendering of this inherent musicality into visual imagery.

In summation, this film will help the public to discover the wealth of these oral traditions and the challenges facing Indigenous speakers. 

Written and directed by Simon Plouffe
Photography : Simon Plouffe, Stéphanie Weber-Biron, Gabriele Kislat
Editing: Natalie Lamoureux
Sound design: Simon Plouffe
Sound mixing: Jean Paul Vialard
Music: Geronimo Inutiq
Sound recording: Lynne Trépanier, Cyril Bourseaux, Mélanie Gauthier, Shikuan Shetush Vollant, Simon Plouffe, Simon Léveillé
Production: Les Films de l'Autre

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  • Orig. Main Artist: Simon Plouffe

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