After their look at the emergence of the 70s punk movement, the creators of Mtl Punk: The First Wave (CBC Doc Channel, Canal D, NXNE, RVCQ, FIFA) tackle a new chapter of Montreal’s musical and cultural history: 80s New Wave. Not only does Montreal New Wave conduct an archaeological investigation, unearthing many artists and bands hitherto unknown by the general public, the film also aims to reflect on the significance and impact of this postmodern cultural current on 80s Quebec society. Following in the footsteps of other North American and European cities, Montreal built its own New Wave scene, with bands and artists of all stripes. Though only a few of these acts would come to be known by a broader audience - like internationally successful Men Without Hats - countless more bands fed the scene by producing albums and staging shows. The film gives a voice to musicians, designers, performers, DJs, visual artists, photographers, videographers, painters, choreographers, club owners, record and show promoters having contributed to the emergence of Montreal’s New Wave scene - Anglophones and Francophones alike.


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