The Nature of Frédéric Back draws a masterful portrait of an exceptional man. A visual artist and animation filmmaker, he has produced an immense body of work that imparts an essential message. With their luminous poetry, their freshness and emotion, his films are both universal and timeless.

In striving to depict the beauty of the earth, Frédéric Back was one of the first, and most persuasive, environmental activists. This documentary follows his outstanding accomplishments, tracing the sources of his inspiration, from his early childhood and youth in Alsace, Paris and Brittany, to the beginning of his career and the love and life he found in Québec.

The two-time Oscar winner for Crac! and The Man Who Planted Trees has now reached a wise old age but lost none of his passion, or the wonder or outrage that have always moved him. Frédéric Back is, and remains, a model for us all.

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