In "Crimes Without Honour", filmmaker Raymonde Provencher explores several perspectives on the subject through the stories of Aruna Papp, a Christian woman from India now living in Canada; Necla Kelek, a Turkish woman living in Germany; Sara, a Kurd living in Sweden; and Arkan, a young Kurdish man raised “as a Swede” who recounts how his simultaneous upbringing in a culture of honour left him trapped. 

Aruna, Necla, Sara and Arkan all share the courage to defy their communities’ criminal traditions and have decided to denounce and take action against these hateful crimes, at the risk of being ostracized.

Every year, thousands of people leave home to become immigrants. Their motive is often to improve their lives and to build a new future for their children. Along with their belongings, they carry their traditions, way of life and customs. Certain customs, such as the culture of honour, clash abruptly with the host society’s norms. And so the same story keeps playing out in Sweden, Germany – and Canada.

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  • Ces crimes sans honneur

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