The Theory of Everything navigates its way between people and landscapes, between discourse and territory.  Evocative landscapes whose silent presence speaks volumes.  People who, asked to talk about themselves, about their connection to the world, discuss the land and the subsoil, the forests and the rivers, everything that shapes them.

The people we meet are not experts.  Yet they know a great deal about their surroundings, the history of the places they call home.  In their own way, they rethink the world, not as ours to exploit, but as part of ourselves.  And all, young and old alike, share a tremendous appetite for life.

Neither dogmatic nor sanctimonious, The Theory of Everything offers a convoluted discourse and a slew of perspectives that challenge accepted notions and spark the imagination.

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  • La théorie du tout

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  • 2009

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  • BluRay,
  • HD CAM SR,
  • Digibeta,


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