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Uganda and its people force us to rethink our definition of war, too often restricted to violent imagery. In northern Uganda, what you see is the serial destruction, extraordinary but not spectacular, of an entire society.

It was for this reason I wanted to make a personal film, not one satisfied to show the conflict alone, but one that would bring it to life from the inside, as seen from the perspective of the people. It is their story that constitutes the starting point of the film, taking the viewer towards the participants, each of whom suffers the horrors of war daily and in their own way. By resisting, they manage to keep alive the humanity in all of us. The stories are each told separately, but they converge at a single reality – that of an insidious, endless war, not explosive but omnipresent, fuelled by political interests that go unacknowledged but are not hard to see.I conducted research for a whole month, without any camera. The recording then done in two trips —over six weeks in all— with a crew consisting of director, cameraman, soundgirl and a guide and driver from Northern Uganda. The film was shot clandestinely, as the government did not allowed unaccompanied journalist of film crew further than 40 km from the capital. The people who participated in the film have shown an incredible courage, and we are still in touch with them.At this writing, no Ugandan north of the Nile has been spared, neither children nor old people. Rarely has a war gone so little noticed. Yet all it takes is a short trip across the Nile to hear voices piercing the silence – a silence as inexplicable as it is disturbing.

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  • De l'autre côté du pays

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  • 2007

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  • HD CAM SR,


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