Canadian Films For French and English Audiences


The WINNIPEG FILM GROUP has hundreds of amazing (funny, poignant, thoughtful, quirky) short films in their collection and they wanted to share them with a broader audience. Some of these uniquely Canadian stories were largely inaccessible to French audiences here in Canada and around the world. With a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts the Winnipeg Film Group was able to translate and subtitle over 30 titles. We hope that our audience enjoys these films and the four curated programs we have put together. 

You will find links to each curated program in the FOUND IN TRANSLATION series below each of which is accompanied by an essay about the selection.

The works included in each program are available for FREE viewing for six weeks starting from the first day of their publication. Once the FREE viewing period has expired, each title can be rented individually with a RENTAL ACCOUNT

***PLEASE NOTE that these programs are free for private single-users use only. Groups and institutions wanting to screen these programs to the public can inquire about group rental rates at



For more information on the films please contact the Winnipeg Film Group
+1-204-925-3456 ext. 103

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Found In Translation: Looking Backward and Moving Forward

Found In Translation:
Looking Backward and Moving Forward


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