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Curated by Alexandra Gelis & Jorge Lozano



Curated by Alexandra Gelis & Jorge Lozano

LUXANDO. The first thoughts that came to mind when we were planning this program were how in these troubled times, living with the feeling that the future is what life used to be, and at the same time, being compelled to think about new horizons of hope, imagining what has not happened but should. And, combined with Audre Lordes quote “Poetry is the way we help give name to the nameless so it can be thought”, became point of entry and exit. How to give up control to allow encounters to produce unexpected or unthought results?


From the archives of CFMDC in Toronto, we selected six experimental films made in celluloid 35mm, 16mm, and Super 8mm, which share the poetics of embodiment, discontinuity, the indeterminate, analog glitch, perturbations, gaps, scratches, repetitions, chaos, noise. And, to provoke an encounter, we invited six South American artists who share these poetic frictions, in their sound practice and asked them to respond to the impact on their terms, to bring forth new possibilities.

“LUXANDO” means to dislocate, to get out of the frame, to get out of the structure, to get out of oneself, out of juncture.

—Alexandra Gelis and Jorge Lozano


“Poetry is the way we help give name to the nameless so it can be thought”...


Alexandra Gelis

Colombian-Venezuelan artist living and working in Toronto, Ontario. Her studio practice combines new media, installation, and photography with custom built interactive electronics. Her projects incorporate personal field research as a tool to investigate the ecologies of various landscapes through examining the traces left by various socio-political interventions. She uses data capture techniques, video, sound, and spatial and electronic media to create documentary based immersive installations; single-channel videos, and experimental photography.


Jorge Lozano

Jorge Lozano uses film and video to build experimental narratives: epistemological disobediences to see the world differently, to have a visible presence and to create new coordination with living and nonliving matter. His work is not political but made politically. Jorge has been working as a film and video artist for the last 20 years. His fiction films have been exhibited at the Toronto Film Festival and at the Sundance Film Festival amongst others. His experimental work has been exhibited at many international festivals and galleries. He has expanded my practice to the organization of many cultural and art events, the creation of aluCine, Toronto Latin Media Festival and facilitating self- representations video workshops for marginalized Latin and non- Latin youth in Canada since 199,1 Venezuela 2005 and Colombia 2005- 2016.


VUCAVU thanks CFMDC for their partnership in creating this program.

CFMDC thanks CONVERsalón Collective for their collaboration on the LUXANDO project.


This curated program is part of the VUCAVU Expanded project.
We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.​