Shot on wonderful Super 8, "Isolamento" is a grand culmination of the themes: isolation, fear, beauty, gluttony, assimilation, environment and sexuality, merged into one great stream of consciousness. An ever changing zoetrope of scenes flowing from one to another. At its heart is a mother who feels like she’s enabling her son’s mental illness with any action she takes, driving him further into darkness. A father who grinds away at a life that has him on his knees. He yearns for the way out, wishing to return to a more natural way of life. A son who’s so fed up with the world he wants to simply end it all in flames, regardless of the pain it would cause those closest to him. This absurd reality is cradled by the plights of other people, caught in their own struggles, both aware and oblivious to the bubble they’ve put themselves in. Some will struggle against it and some are perfectly content to stay within it. A symbolic farce of the human condition, which embraces the question…What is this all for anyway?

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  • Director: Carmelo Zucco

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