Every night for the past three months begins and ends the same for Atom Sprengja…in tears. Atom and his father Joachim quietly exist parallel to one another on a picturesque farmstead in the middle of nowhere. Two of a dwindling lineage of Icelandic farmers, each day begins and ends in almost silence. Grief commands both father and son, stricken by the recent loss of the woman who was the light and sound of the small family, Atom’s mother and Joachim’s wife. Joachim remains silent; hoping time and routine will heal Atom’s wounds. Atom suffers having his father silent and distant, which spurs the guilt he’s feeling. His mother’s passing wasn’t sudden. She had cancer and died in hospital with Joachim by her side. Atom in that fateful moment wasn’t there. He was off, getting candy from a vending machine as he did every other visit. This is the planet Atom bears, a raw sense of shame, compounded by what he assumes his father must think of him. One day will begin like the others but something will happen that will change father and son forever. Joachim becomes lethally wedged under a nine ton tractor. Atom comes to his rescue in a way that creates myths and legends in history.



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  • Director: Carmelo Zucco

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