In “Milkman,” a seated male figure sits staring endlessly ahead, his gaze locked on the viewer. Milk is streaming from his nipple and into a glass that he holds in his left hand. The continuous flow of milk never seems to fill the glass. The sound of the flowing milk creates a human fountain out of this portrait.

In “Milk Bath” a man’s face sits like an island in the middle of a pool of milk. His facial hair slowly grows then disappears, the left side independent of the right. In the same fashion, his eyes are adorned with make-up, which slowly fades away. The sound of water quietly lapping up against the shoreline plays in the background.

"Milkman & Milk Bath" is a looped installation, but it is also available as a 6.25 minute piece. For installation pricing, please contact: bookings at cfmdc dot org.


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