A stunning cross-Canada journey. A sequence of 112 specially designed telescopic time-lapse scenes form a seamless “flight” across the continent from Pacific to Atlantic. A new way of seeing. A celebration and a memorial.

“The telescope becomes a microscope... and a stethoscope.” - SXA

“A hypnotic meditation on landscape and perspective.” - Seattle Weekly

“Reminiscent of extreme IMAX films, Tran Scan has beautiful scenery and cinematography of the highest caliber. Undoubtedly the most labor-intensive travel film ever created. No still image can convey a sense of this film.” - POV Magazine

Selected screenings & awards: Silver Remi Award in Cinematography, 37th Worldfest Houston International Film Festival; Yorkton Short Film & Video Festival, SK; Tampere 34th International Short Film Festival; Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, Toronto, ON

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  • Director: Stephen X. Arthur

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