Reading the replies to a personal ad she has placed, a woman imagines herself in relationships with three different men.

The film uses both layering and fragmentation to weave a web of associations and create a dynamic and fast-moving flow of images and events. The most dramatic moments of a given scenario are played out in a realistic fashion, and some scenarios, differently imagined, are repeated with each of the men: the restaurant, the dance, the gift, the bath, the bed. Each letter conjures up a very different man. The first is young, domestic and likable; the second rich, exciting and arrogant; and the third older, exuberant and vulnerable. The film runs the gamut of human emotions, from exuberance to melancholy, in its exploration of the thinking process.

“(The film) sports the breezy lack of affectation characteristic of Davis’ best work.” - Cameron Bailey, Film Critic, Artistic Director, TIFF

“(Davis) has a sure comic touch and an absolute passion for the nitty gritty detail that makes our lives so interesting.” - Peter Goddard, Critic, Toronto Star

- Nominated for a Genie, Best Documentary, 1990

- Screened nationally, premiered at TIFF 1990

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