We are saying goodbye to two members of the VUCAVU team who have been instrumental in getting the site up and running.

Julie Gendron and Kathy Sperberg have reached the end of their commitment to us and are moving on to other things. They have both worked very hard over the last four years and have guided the Board of CCIMAD through to the successful launch of VUCAVU. Without them we would not be where we are today.

Julie Gendron, VUCAVU's Product Designer, always made sure we understood the technical aspects of the platform and spent a lot of her time educating us. She led us through the hiring of the platform builders and did a great job of managing them throughout the construction of the site. She always kept us moving forward. In addition to her technical duties, she also guided us through graphic design decisions, business planning, the loading of content onto the site and the digitizations of our archives. In the last few months she has been involved in the launching of the marketing campaign, and stayed on longer than was originally planned. Julie really took on this project as her own and worked on it with passion and extreme integrity. We will miss her many valuable contributions and sound advice.

Kathy Sperberg was VUCAVU's Project Manager. She was always flexible and understood the changing nature of the project. She wrote grants, found and managed consultants as needed, and took on any task that was needed to move the project forward, all the while remaining detail-oriented and well-organized. She has a great understanding of VUCAVU as a whole and what it was meant to be. Kathy was a determined advocate for French language works and helped ensure that the project was fully bilingual. She never let us wander off course, often challenging the board and making us reflect seriously on the nature of the project. Kathy also stayed on longer than was planned and in the last few months helped implement the marketing campaign. We only hope we can manage without her!

Many thanks to Julie and Kathy.

We wish them well in all their future endeavours.

VUCAVU is a one of kind Video On Demand (VOD) platform. Featuring independent works by renowned and emerging artists in both French and English, it represents the current state of the art of the moving image in Canada.


VUCAVU's catalogue is compiled from the collections of eight media arts distributors from across Canada. It spans more than forty-five years of creation, from the very beginnings of video art right up to works made just this year.


Now all of these works are available to artists, researchers, educators, curators, programmers and the general public in one location! Hand processed films, video glitch, HD works, animation, shorts, features and experimental documentaries – it's all right here on VUCAVU!