In 2017, Cecilia Araneda served as VUCAVU’s Executive Director. Cecilia was always very forward thinking and, right from the start, began visioning and working towards the future of the platform. During her tenure, she dealt with the logistics of VUCAVU's #EyesOnVU series, planned the #Geographies curated screening program, and engaged many amazing curators. Cecilia also worked tirelessly, securing funding and leading the organization as it evolved into a publicly accessible site.

Although Cecilia’s position as Executive Director came to an end in December 2017, she stayed on with our organization, continuing to apply for grants and helping us with our strategic planning. 

VUCAVU’s board is extremely grateful for all the time and effort Cecilia put into the organization. We would like to congratulate Cecilia on her new position as the Manitoba Digital Initiatives Manager at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba in Brandon, MB.

You can watch several of Cecilia’s films on VUCAVU and learn more about her filmmaking by visiting her website:


VUCAVU is a one of kind Video On Demand (VOD) platform. Featuring independent works by renowned and emerging artists in both French and English, it represents the current state of the art of the moving image in Canada.

VUCAVU's catalogue is compiled from the collections of eight media arts distributors from across Canada. It spans more than forty-five years of creation, from the very beginnings of video art right up to works made just this year.

Now all of these works are available to artists, researchers, educators, curators, programmers and the general public in one location! Hand processed films, video glitch, HD works, animation, shorts, features and experimental documentaries – it's all right here on VUCAVU!