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from here

Curated by Roxanne Fernandes

from here

Curated by Roxanne Fernandes

In this selection of student works, the idea of new futures through imaginative narratives and archival ruminations are explored. Dabbling in science-fiction and dream-states but remaining grounded in the playful possibilities of the “now”, these films ask us to consider what we know about ourselves and to renegotiate what that means. 

Built as a fictional chronology, the program’s opening introduces us to a world reflected through expansive interpretations of the past and futures beyond us. Here, we are confronted with the idea of home and the necessary acts of moving, changing, and dreaming that accompany. The place that was and is ever-changing. 

Ensuing, from here presents notions of (im)migration—building it up through a lens of futurity—and questions how we process, commit to, and abandon feelings of personal and national identity. In an effort to find this idea of a home on the Earth we know, within the post-Anthropocene, or beyond the confounds of time and space we must also ask what do we sacrifice and who do we become in order to achieve home, security, and love?

- Roxanne Fernandes 


Built as a fictional chronology, the program’s opening introduces us to a world reflected through expansive interpretations of the past and futures beyond us.

Introduction to Орбита (Orbita) by Udval Altangerel


Udval Altangerel is a filmmaker and programmer based in Ulaanbaatar and Los Angeles. In her work, she combines experimental, documentary, and narrative elements to explore the themes of personal and national histories, language, and (home)land. She is currently taking time off her studies at CalArts to work on her thesis, an autoethnographic essay film about her ancestral land.

Artist Website: https://udvalaltangerel.com

Federica Foglia is a transnational visual artist, currently completing her MFA at York University. She is interested in issues of migration, displacement, women of the diaspora, accented cinema, and finding a visual language to represent these experiences. Her practice revolves around the remediation of archival materials, collage films with emulsion lifting, and performative and expanded cinema.

Artist Website: https://www.federicafoglia.com/

David Howlett (he/him) is a Montréal/Ottawa-based artist who works across various new media disciplines. He has particular interest in technology and interactivity in art. He loves video, audio, sculpture, games, programming, dancing, banjo, and people.

Artist Website: https://davidmbhowlett.wordpress.com/

Noncedo Khumalo is a Canadian born Animator and Filmmaker raised in Swatini, South Africa, and Botswana. She is influenced by her multicultural upbringing and Black Womanhood.


Introduction to 9 PLAYER by David Howlett

Yihao Zheng is a writer and filmmaker based in New York and Guangzhou, China. He is currently a Film MFA candidate at Columbia University.

Artist Website: https://www.instagram.com/ighao/

Blanca Martín Secades: I graduated as a documentary director from ECAM, Madrid, in 2019. Since then, I’ve studied experimental film and photography. I've directed several short films, both documentary and fiction, and currently work as a photographer (mostly analog film) and an editor at y Ele Eke Film production. My goal is to keep studying, learning about the industry and making a path for myself.

Born in 1994 in Madrid, Pedro Muñoz-Calero Franco began his studies in Audiovisual Communication at the Complutense University of Madrid. After graduating, he was admitted in the Documentary Film Diploma at ECAM where he shot his firsts two short films, Catch and PRÓXIMA CENTAURI II. He makes experimental shorts and writes short stories.

Zuhaitz Silva García: I graduated as a documentary director in ECAM, Madrid, 2019. I am currently working on a documentary film along with my colleague Pedro Muñoz about the gaming industry and the creative process of making a video game. I am also working on a personal project based on some VHS tapes that I found. In the meantime, I am an electrician for several short films, videoclips, commercials, and tv programmes. The industry is not easy, but I'm finding my way.

Jaime Sánchez Camacho is a filmmaker and one of four directors of PRÓXIMA CENTAURI II. He is a graduate from the Madrid Film School in Spain. 

Introduction to PRÓXIMA CENTAURI II by Blanca Martín Secades


Roxanne Fernandes (she/her) is an arts administrator and budding Programmer living in Mississauga and working in Tkaranto. The daughter of Guyanese immigrants, Roxanne is currently trying to understand and uncover the simultaneous existence of both colonizer and indenturement roots that lie in her lineage through migratory histories, storytelling, and the land itself. She writes, researches, and creates through a lens that is experimental, auto-ethnographic, archival, photographic, and pedagogical. She is also interested in art books/publications/journalistic mediums, collage, video, dog watching, forests, album building, and resting.

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