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PAVED Arts and VUCAVU presents :


PAVED Arts and VUCAVU proudly present “Saskatchewan Home Movies,” a program of short video and film-on-video works by artists hailing from Canada’s most rectangular province. This diverse collection of work was gathered from an open call and draws upon a truly eclectic range of artistic contributions. Running the gamut from intimate portraiture to cinematic abstraction, from biting social satire to ritualistic performance, this prairie potpourri stands as a flat-land testament to life’s rich pageant. From a much larger province-wide response, the program comes to just under a one-hour runtime and features the eleven projects from individual artists, partnerships and collectives (listed here in alphabetical order): Gavin Baird, Jason Britski, Shawn Cuthand, Linda Duvall, The Feather, Iva Henry & Spencer King Martin, Joanne Lyons, Lenore Maier, Jeremy Ratzlaff, Lindsey Rewuski, and Mike Rollo.



Friday, June 12, 7pm CST

Not in Saskatchewan? Watch Times: 8pm (CDT) / 9pm (EST) / 5pm (PD)




PAVED Arts and VUCAVU Presents



This collaborative project brings the Saskatchewan-based media arts centre into the compliment of distributing partners at VUCAVU. It is the first expansion of its kind, designed to establish a means of distribution for artists working with video in Saskatchewan. As such the project is an exciting initial collaboration for both organizations, bringing the distributive capacities of VUCAVU to bear on PAVED Arts members are found across the Province of Saskatchewan.


Program Notes in Screening Order

The Feather “UNDRIP” (2019) 5’27”

This is a submission for the Saskatchewan home movies from The Feather. In this work, The Feather brings you a satirical look at acronyms in native society as well as an in depth look at one of the most important acronyms of all, UNDRIP.


Collective Bio:

The Feather is your most trusted #1 source for Indigenous news and entertainment. We provide superior quality news articles, thought-provoking analysis pieces, and world-leading coverage on issues that may or may not be important to you. We may or may not be satire, comedy, or whatever... The Feather was founded in 2018 by Ryan Moccasin, a stand-up comedian based out of Saskatoon, SK. Since then, the company has grown to three staff members who assist in writing and producing videos for The Feather. Shawn Cuthand and Danny Knight are two stand-up comedians, as well.



Joanne Lyons “Hats My Mother Gave Me” (2020) 1’45”

This is a lively little video where I play “dress-up”, trying on a collection of hats that my mother wore decades ago.


Artist Bio:

Joanne Lyons is an inveterate collector of mostly unwanted items. Sometimes they make their way into her diverse art practice that includes video, photography, drawing, painting, and mixed-media installation.  She received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 2008 and continues to live and work in Saskatoon.  She has exhibited nationally in solo and group shows and her work can be found in both public and private collections.


Gavin Baird “Behind the Windowpane” (2019) 10’26”

A somewhat autobiographical look at the past, present, and future life of director Gavin Baird.

Artist Bio:

Gavin Baird is an independent filmmaker based in Saskatoon, SK. His previous works include the web-series Four in a Blanket, along with the feature films, The Big Gust!, Begonia, and The Caring Only Cry at Night.



Lenore Maier  “A Beautiful New Yorker” (2018) 3’31”

Announcing: Your next car. The great new Chrysler. Your next car will surround you with a spacious curved fuselage design where body and frame are one. Your next car is a quiet unity of glass and steel with a soaring symmetry of motion. Your next car can be an extension of your own exhilaration of movement. The beautiful new 77' Chrysler New Yorker has everybody talking. The finest new Chrysler both inside and out, and you get all this luxury at a New Yorker price. Your next car is here, the great new Chrysler New Yorker for 1977.

Artist Bio:

Lenore Maier is a musician from Saskatoon and has been dabbling in the realm of Super 8 filmmaking for the past 2 years. This is her 2nd Super 8 film.


Jason Britski,“Circles of Confusion” (2017) 5’00”

“Circles of Confusion” is formal experiment that combines underwater photography and archival “home movie” footage. The images are manipulated, superimposed, and degraded digitally in order to reveal the beauty and the danger hovering at their margins.

Artist Bio:

Jason Britski is an independent filmmaker who resides in Regina, SK, Canada. His films and videos have been screened around the world in such cities as Tokyo, Los Angeles, Brisbane, Rotterdam, Dresden, and Toronto (screened at approximately 150 venues in 20 countries). In the past 20 years he has made ten 16mm films, ten short form experimental videos, and produced and directed two documentary TV series, and a feature length documentary called "Voice from the Wilderness".


Lindsey Rewuski, “Light Movement #1” (2019) 4’00”

In “Light Movement #1” Lindsey Rewuski explores an art medium referred to by the term “Lumia". The three main elements of Lumia, as defined by founding light artist Thomas Wilfred, are form, colour, and motion in a dark space. “Light Movement #1” is a 'light composition' created using reflective materials, small motors, hand-painted glass slides, light sources, and physical movement. The piece was developed for and around Burden’s prepared piano piece #2, from their album, Hover, as part of Sight on Sound 2019, presented by Holophon Audio Arts and the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative.

Artist Bio:

Lindsey Rewuski is a multi-media artist and graphic designer residing in Saskatoon, SK. Her projection-based work is inspired by early light art, psychedelic light shows, multi-sensory environments, and expanded cinema. Exploring the physical process of making non computer-generated moving images, Rewuski creates visual expressions of sound, incorporating sculpture, dyes and chemicals, organic materials, textiles, and other found objects into live performances and on film. Rewuski has projected light at festivals, art spaces, and venues across Western Canada.

You can find more of her work on Instagram at @ghosthousestudio.


Iva Henry & Spencer King Martin “I am a Runner” (2019) 2’33”

“The fear of death never left me; I couldn't get used to the thought; I would still sometimes shake and weep with terror. By contrast, the fact of existence here and now sometimes took on a glorious splendour.”
      -Simone de Beauvoir

The Soundtrack for “I am the Runner” was composed and performed by Spencer King Martin.


Artists Bios:

Spencer King Martin is a musician and Iva Henry is a poet & DJ, who are both unfamiliar with film but collaborated to explore fear and confusion.


Linda Duvall “Walking with the Trees” 12’34”

“Linda Duvall lies down in the thick Saskatoon winter snow for her son … In her work, words fail, only the enormity of the earth, the actual land they shared when he was alive, can provide some consolation, an attachment to what is, and will forever be, absent.”
     - Quote from Laura Gonzales “Walking with Trees” and features an audio contribution from Lia Pas.


Artist Bio:

Linda Duvall (she/her) is a visual artist based on Treaty 6 land near Saskatoon. Her hybrid practice addresses themes of grief, loss and connection to place, and the many meanings of exclusion and absence. Her work speaks to the nature of interpersonal relationships, particularly as they are enacted through conversation. Duvall has completed degrees in Sociology and English (Carleton University) and Visual Arts (OCAD University, University of Michigan, Transart Institute), and is currently a Professional Affiliate at University of Saskatchewan.


Mike Rollo "Eidolon" (2020) 3’35”

The seer passes beneath branches, crosses fields, observes the quiet corners of creation. Bright and dark take turns showing their faces, a two-sided phantasm, one energy shape-shifting through time. The seer makes note, gleans eidolons.

Artist Bio:

Mike Rollo’s work explores alternative approaches to documentary cinema — methods that thematize communication cultures, rural architecture, and transitional spaces through references to autobiography, history, landscape, and memory. A founding member of Montreal’s experimental film collective Double Negative, Mike has curated the work of prominent international and Canadian experimental filmmakers. Mike’s films have screened at prestigious festivals and galleries such as the Atlanta Film Festival (USA), Chicago Underground Film Festival (USA), DOXA (Vancouver, Canada), and many others. His film Ghosts and Gravel Roads (2008) was honoured as one of Canada’s Top Ten Shorts in 2008 by the Toronto International Film Group. Mike teaches film production at the University of Regina’s Department of Film.

More works by Mike Rollo on VUCAVU :


Shawn Cuthand “The Unbothered” (2019) 3’37”

This is a submission for home movies from Shawn Cuthand. "The Unbothered" - Saskatchewan's land mass is over half a million square kilometres. Within that land mass, 2 hikers will discover something they least expected in today's modern age.

Artist bio:

Shawn Cuthand is a Cree & Mohawk who grew up in Saskatoon, SK. He grew up around the business of filmmaking thanks to his dad, Doug Cuthand, who runs Blue Hill Productions. Shawn centres himself around storytelling and uses stand-up comedy and experimental super 8 films to convey his message. He also produced a series funded by the Saskatchewan Arts Board called The Feather with his comedy brothers Ryan Moccasin and Danny Knight.


Jeremy Ratzlaff, CBC Arts episode “Greg Allen’s Sasquatch” (2018) 3’25”

Regina artist Greg Allen’s preoccupation with the Sasquatch goes back to his youth, when he vividly remembers seeing the notorious Patterson-Gimlin film for the first time on television. Now, Allen's paintbrush is hard at work, delicately applying thin strands of yellow and purple paint to the broad shoulders of his muse (and creation), the Supernatural Sasquatch.

Artist Bio:

Jeremy Ratzlaff is an acclaimed Director & DoP currently based in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan with nearly a decade of experience in professional video production. His portfolio includes more than ten original short productions for CBC Arts out of Toronto, and he recently DP'd two feature films produced in the province.





This diverse collection of work was gathered from an open call and draws upon a truly eclectic range of artistic contributions. Running the gamut from intimate portraiture to cinematic abstraction, from biting social satire to ritualistic performance, this prairie potpourri stands as a flat-land testament to life’s rich pageant.
We also acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $153 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.