Rachel Zolf is a cross-border transplant from Toronto to Philadelphia whose thinking and artistic practice explores questions about history, knowledge, subjectivity, responsibility, and the limits of language, meaning, and the human. Her writing and other artwork queerly enacts how ethics founders on the shoals of the political, and imagines other possibilities of sociality, space, and time. She has published five full length-books of poetry, including Janey’s Arcadia (2014), Neighbour Procedure (2010), and Human Resources (2007), all from Coach House Books. Art videos Zolf has written and/or directed have screened at such venues as the International Film Festival Rotterdam, White Cube Bermondsey, the Wexner Center for the Arts, and the Vancouver Art Gallery. She works at the University of Pennsylvania, where she teaches creative writing and fine arts and organizes community projects that harness the power of writing for personal and social change.