Gariné Torossian was born (1970) in Beirut, Lebanon of Armenian descent. She moved to Canada in 1979. Torossian is a filmmaker and visual artist living and working in Toronto. Nineteen of her films have shown internationally at festivals, universities and galleries. Retrospectives of her work have been featured at Cineprobe at New York's Museum of Modern Art, Cinematheques in Armenia, Lebanon, Canada and Germany, Telluride Film Festival, and Stan Brakhage's First Person Cinema in Colorado.   

Her film Girl From Moush (1994), was awarded best experimental film at the Melbourne Film Festival.  Sparklehorse (1999) received honorable mention at the 2000 Berlin International Film Festival. Hokees (2000) won gold prize for experimental drama at the Houston Film Festival and Babies on the Sun (2002) received the panorama short film prize at the Berlin International Film Festival. She recently received a DAAD fellowship in Berlin for 2007.