Malena Szlam (Chile) is a visual artist and filmmaker working at the intersections of cinema, installation, and performance. Her practice is concerned with transforming time and space through the unique properties of analogue cinema. Szlam is interested in relationships between the natural world, human perception and intuitive process. The resulting work is a "sensorial cinema” that exists between figuration and abstraction, artificial and natural phenomena, still and moving images. Her work has been exhibited at numerous venues worldwide, including the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Toronto, New York, Ann Arbor, and Hong Kong Film Festivals, 25 FPS Festival (Zagreb), Media City (Windsor), Images Festival (Toronto), Museo de Bellas Artes Chile, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery (Montréal), and YYZ Gallery (Toronto). Szlam is a member of Double Negative, a Montreal-based artists’ film collective where she co-curates an ongoing experimental film series.