I am a Two-Spirit, Queer Womxn from Pimichikamak Cree Nation in what is known as Northern "Manitoba". My first language is the language of my ancestors and I still speak and teach Cree as my mother tongue today. I am a new mama to a bold Indigenous spirit named Kîwêtin who I parent with my partner Stefani in our cross-cultural, queer little family. 

I am a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Social Work Program at Ryerson University and have made Toronto my second home after having moved to the city some fifteen years ago. My work has centred around helping individuals struggling with the social-cultural context within the social discourse.

My personal life experience includes both being raised on-reserve and living in an urban setting. As a queer, 2S womxn these places have given me different gifts and different challenges, all of which feed my stories and my work. All of which feeds me. 

Raising my daughter and healing myself through an Indigenous lens and a decolonized action is of the utmost importance to myself and my partner.