Working as a freelance journalist from 1975 to 1983, Michèle Pérusse learned documentary filmmaking as part of Vidéo Femmes (Quebec City), of which she has been a permanent member for eight years. She then directed a few films (Le mariage et pis après…, 1978, Comme jeunesse se passe!, 1983, and contributed to several others. She later worked on some fifty productions, including as an Assistant Director (Je t’aime gros, gros, gros, 1994, Les enfants de Refus global, 1997) and as a Line Producer (Collection Libres courts, 1998-2000, La peau et les os, après..., 2005). Alongside her film-related activities, she was a booking agent and public relations officer for Les folles alliées, a professional complicity that inspired her to write L'humeur à l'humour, which she wrote and co-directed with Nicole Giguère.