aAron munson is a twenty-six year old filmmaker from Edmonton, Alberta.  He has been active for about three years and has created ten short films to date. Experimental in nature, aAron's work explores his own interpretation of the world around and within himself using a variety of different filmmaking techniques, such as pixillation, time-lapse, and stop-motion.  Working primarily with Super 8 and 16mm, his work explores the fine qualities  of working with film, while incorporating the use of other visual mediums. With an emphasis placed on texture and tone, aAron relies on imagery and  sound to communicate the meaning behind his films. His works have been screened at numerous film festivals and multi-disciplinary  events. Aside from this aAron also collaborates with numerous audio artists both locally and internationally.   Through the process of capture and creation, aAron munson has established  himself as a visual artist who's original and experimental work reveals the many layers of a world yet unseen.