Faisal Lutchmedial is a Montreal filmmaker of both east and west Indian decent. His work has explored his place as a Canadian with a mixed cultural background beginning with My Cultural Divide (2006, documentary, 75 min). This film explores heritage, culture, and the 2nd generation immigrant experience – as well as tackling labour rights in the garment industry in his mother's native Bangladesh. Lutchmedial also made the short Going Through The Motions (2007) which is a hybrid fiction / documentary about his father’s native land of Trinidad and Montreal’s Expo ’67.

Previous to this, Lutchmedial made a diverse array of work, including the experimental film Do Not Ruin Your Credit (2000, experimental video, 6 min), co- directed with Paul Kell, which uses multiple layers of image and sound to paint a picture of the relations between religion, good credit, and the afterlife, Perspective (2000, experimental, 3 minutes ) Zack’s Fight (2000, drama, 4 minutes ), and The High Dials: My Heart is Black (2004, music video, 4 minutes). Lutchmedial has also directed other television shorts about the garment industry in Bangladesh and has been producing for UrbanHanded Works and Rail City Media.

Lutchmedial has a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction from Concordia University, where he attended the Cinema program.