Dominic Leclerc was born in 1982 in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec. Early on, he chose to share his life with the camera. He oversees most of the production stages of his film projects, being all at once director, director of photography and editor. Dominic is fervently involved in all projects, whether they are his own those of others; notable contributions include his role as director of photography and editor of the film Seeing Ali (Guérin 2009), and director of the last seven trailers for the Emerging Music Festival (2007-2013). He has directed with authentic concern various features for Télé-Québec and Canal Savoir. Dominic is expanding his explorations of the video medium through continuous participation in theatre productions (Bascule sur la route, 2009; AT@MTL, 2010; Juliette et Victorin, 2013), internet projects (Le stage de Kassandra, 2011) and urban art (video screening on the wall of Agora des Arts).

Alex marche à l’amour is Dominic Leclerc’s first feature film.