Amy Lockhart is an independent animator and artist. Her artwork and award-winning films have been exhibited internationally. Amy has educated herself through attending the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, completing an artist residency at the Quickdraw Animation Society and completing a fellowship at the National Film Board. She has received international acclaim, speaking and exhibiting her work at various art institutions including The California Institute of the Arts, where she completed an artist residency.

AWARDS: Honourable mention for craziest animation, Bearded Child Film Festival, USA

2005: “Walk for Walk”, 16mm, 10min., drawn, puppet, cut out animation
“Lady Flex”, 16mm, 1min., drawn animation
2004: “A Single Tear”, video, 1.5min., animation, produced at the N.F.B.
2002:  “Miss Edmonton TeenBurger 1983 in, You're Eternal...”, video,
6.5min., live action and animation, collaboration with Matthew Fithen
2001:  “Miss Edmonton Teenburger 1983 in, IT'S PARTY TIME!”, video,
17min., live action and animation, collaboration with Matthew Fithen
1999:  “The Devil Lives in Hollywood”, 16mm colour, 6min., drawn animation
“BONK!”, 16mm colour, 30sec., animation, collaboration with Marc Bell
“Monkey Clouds”, 16mm b&w, 2min., hand processed film
1998:  “Sylva Lining”, 16mm colour, 1.5min., cut out animation
1997:  “WASPS”, super8 b&w, 4min., cut out animation
“Star Trek”, super8 b&w, 2min., live action

2006: Struts Residency, Sackville NB
2005: Honourable Mention, WALK FOR WALK, Bearded Child Film Festival
Artist Residency, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA
2004: Art City Haunted House Residency, Winnipeg, MB.
post production grant, B.C. Arts Council
FAP grant, National Film Board
2003: National Film Board Hot House Animation fellowship
Audience Choice Award, MISS EDMONTON TEENBURGER 1983 IN, IT’S PARTY TIME!, The Bearded
Child Festival
2002: production grant, Canada Council for the Arts
2001: best animation, THE DEVIL LIVES IN HOLLYWOOD, Chicago Underground Film Festival
2000: honorable mentions, THE DEVIL LIVES IN HOLLYWOOD, Ann Arbor film festival
professional development grant, Nova Scotia Arts Council
1999: audio scholarship, Center for Art Tapes, Halifax