Director, photographer and occasional musician, Juanma Carrillo has been working with audiovisuals since 2000, moving between avant-garde cinema and video art. His creations have been shown in film festivals, museums and renowned cultural centers around the world. In 2010, “Caníbales,” his Iris Prize nominated short film, was screened at more than 50 international film festivals and still continues to be shown at exhibitions. “Muro” (2010) still remains active due to viral spreading on the web. “Fuckbuddies,” which opened at Zinegoak 8, was screened at festivals in South Africa, Canada, Australia and the United States. Carrillo's videos, such as “This Leak,” are in wide circulation on the international museum circuit. He is currently preparing his first feature film, “Islandia,” a project that develops many of the concepts already shown in his previous productions.