Mariette Gutherz was born in 1954 in Nimes,in the South of France. After obtaining her MA in Literature and Cinema, she began working as a film profesionnal in Paris, then Marseille. Gutherz is a fiction film editor. She is passionate about documentaries. She worked as a film editor for numerous documentaries, primarily portraits. In 1999, she is chosen as a participant in a writing seminar given by La Maison du Documentaire de Lussas (France). During this residency, she writes the screenplay for I AM NOT SURE YOU CAN UNDERSTAND. This project receives funding from the Centre National du Cinéma. Gutherz shot her documentary in April 2000. In July 2000, Gutherz moved to Montreal. In 2003, she published Je ne suis pas guéri de la médecine, a biography of her Father. She is currently working on a second film about exile and identity.