Juliette Gosselin began acting at a very young age, with major roles in the films Nouvelle France by Jean Beaudin and Familia by Louise Archambault. These were followed by a number of other roles in film and television, including the feature films Histoire de famille by Michel Poulette, Délivrez-moi by Denis Chouinard and La Vérité by Marc Bisaillon. This year, in addition to participating in the webseries Féminin/Féminin by Chloé Robichaud and Le berceau des anges by Ricardo Trogi, she landed a major role in the upcoming English feature film by Alain Desrochers, ESC. Since fall 2013, she has also been working on an undergraduate degree in film at UQAM. Switch & Bitch is her second work co-directed with Sophia Belahmer.